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About Us

Flow Chart of Processing


From Cultivation to Processing
Instead of buying all the raw Basmati from various
regions like our competitors, purity and quality of our product is ensured through self-cultivated crop. Selected farmers are provided with superior quality seed, processed at our own plant for unmatched Basmati. The farmers are also provided with fertilizer and professional expertise in return for their produce at premium price. Our highly qualified field staff constantly monitors paddy fields from sowing till harvesting and advises farmers on correct application of fertilizers and pesticides to ultimately produce healthy grains of rice resulting from research & development laboratory.

Drying and Husking

After harvesting hundreds of samples at random are examined in our well-equipped quality control laboratory for final selection of stocks. The harvested paddy from our own farms and others on arrival at the Rice Mill is fed to the mechanical dryer for drying. The paddy fresh from harvesting has moisture contents of -19-20%, which is reduced to 12% in the dryer in multi passes. The tempering of paddy is done in between the passes and after drying in steel silos to achieve moisture equilibrium. The process is accomplished on ultra modern, automatic dryer plant where the whole work is done untouched by hands.

The dried and tempered paddy is then taken to the in house Husking unit where the process of paddy cleaning, de-stoning, husking, paddy separation, polishing and grading are performed. The husking plant is fully automated and most modern equipped with state of the art technology.

The semi finished rice from the husking plant is shifted to the WareHouses for Aging.


Aging Process
Aging is a special process in which rice is stored till rice attains maturity before re-processing and packaging. This gives rice its supreme aroma, taste and considerable grain length when cooked.



After the aging is completed, the rice is again processed before packing. The processing of rice is accomplished on a fully automated, state of the art plant. The plant consists of rice cleaners, de-stoners, thickness graders for over and under size grains, paddy separators, polishers, silky polishers, rotary sieves, length graders and computerized colour sorters. The equipment has been imported from world-renowned agro-industrial manufacturers. The following steps are involved in processing of premium quality Flora Rice. All stocks are numbered and tagged in order keep a track record, which is even maintained after export.


Rice is fumigated for 72 hours to eliminate chance of any insects or the rice borer, which have a natural presence with the grain. We make sure that only nontoxic and environment friendly process obtained.

Rice Cleaning
Rice is once again cleaned thoroughly to eliminate dust, residue & foreign particles.

Removal of all stones & solid objects is performed once again.

Thickness Grading
According to thickness and width, rice is graded.

Paddy Separation
Separation of paddy from rice is performed to ensure purity of rice.

Dry Polishing
To give rice further shine, dry polishing is applied once again.

Wet /Silky Polishing
Rice is polished with controlled mist of water to give it the extra white colour, silky finish and smooth pearl like texture.

The whole rice grain is carefully separated from the broken grain in fully automatic machines. Our grading system is comprehensive and consists of graders installed at three different stages of milling and processing. This enables to ensure uniformity in grain length, width and also control the broken percentage according to the specific requirements of our customers.

Colour Sorting
Finally before packing, rice is colour sorted on a state of the art electronic machine "SORTEX" equipped with latest computerized optical technology considered to be top of the line Colour Sorter in the World.